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Physical therapy is a wonderful field.  It is designed to improve health and wellness using a natural, non-invasive, and active approach.   Medically and scientifically based, we are a discipline grounded in quality research and evidence.  We are poised to be a major player in the modern medical system as we are a remarkably inexpensive alternative to surgery and long term medication use, as we specialize in getting injured people back to normal function and out of the medical system.

However, we believe many practice models in our field do not serve the patient nearly as well as they could.  In our own small way, we are trying to set and maintain an example of a clinic created to give the ideal environment for a patient to succeed.  We believe all clinics should provide the best possible environment for patient success.   We are trying to set that example at KPT and to show our model to patients, physical therapy students, physicians, and the community.  That is our revolution.

Beginning  2015 and through 2017, we agreed with 135 other clinics in Michigan to participate in an outcomes study performed by an insurance company. During those five grading periods, we were ranked #1 in the state three times and #2 in the state twice. These outcomes include symptom improvement, functional improvement and patient satisfaction. From our own experience with different practice models and hearing from hundreds of patients, clinicians, and students who have been elsewhere, we have isolated several key factors that patients overwhelmingly value.  

It starts with one-on-one care.  Patients at KPT do not have to share their time with anybody.  We believe anyone paying for physical therapy should have a licensed physical therapist provide the care.  There is an enormous education difference between a PT and an assistant, while the aide has no formal education.  We do not employ assistants or aides.  We do all of the work ourselves as licensed physical therapists. 

A common complaint in physical therapy is seeing someone different on each visit.  Patients do not like having to try to explain their condition to different therapists or assistants, who also do not have a full understanding of what occurred at the last visit.  At KPT, patients have a primary PT who is usually seen every visit for the duration of PT.  If a patient has a tight schedule or a PT is on vacation, another PT may occasionally be an option, but it is always the patient’s choice.  

We believe PT should be as affordable as possible.   Our typical charge per visit is three units, which significantly under what is charged on average.   We encourage patients to research this when deciding on a clinic.  We also utilize our skill level and 100% licensed PT time to resolve your issues as quickly as possible, which likewise minimizes cost.

With this revolution, we are challenging practice models to do more to serve the patient.  This will benefit the patient, the PT industry, the healthcare industry, and the health and wellness of society.   Join the revolution by helping us spread the word about our extremely patient-centered practice model, and by refusing to accept anything less anywhere you go.